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LiR - the program Librarian in Residence

LiR is a scholarship for a residence program for German librarians and had been started in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. It applies to a specialist stay abroad - usually in cooperation with the respective partner country. It always follows a specific issue (2019: Human Resource Development in the Netherlands)

In order to give experts from German libraries an intensive insight into how respective questions are dealt with conceptually and practically abroad, BI-International invites tenders for the scholarship year by year. During the internship the fellows may visit libraries, network and discover best practices abroud. Back in Germany, the fellows are encouraged to communicate their experiences within the community by publishing articles or presenting experiences on conferences. During the stay the fellows currently informs the community via the BII-Blog AKTUELLES / NEWS on the German page of the website.

The current program runs in June and September 2019 and covers two grant programs. Please view the German websites for any further information.