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Guidelines to create and submit reports

We ask the recipients of BI-International grants to submit a report for publication on our website. We recommend the authors to consider and follow a few basic rules. In the result, the reports should be as standardised as possible.

Of course, you are free to use any suggestions regarding content. The personal freedom of authorship should not be restricted. The reports will focus on providing information and impressions to colleagues who already have specific knowledge.

Please send the reports by e-mail to the BII office no later than 6 weeks after the end of your stay abroad:

A soon as you have sent your reports, they will be archived internally and placed for one year on our BII Blog "News" and published on the startpage of the BII website.

Alternatively, you can also report live on your own social media channel.

Formal criteria:

  • Submission deadline: Within 6 weeks after the trip

  • Form: German or English text fully written out and structured, submission in digital format (as WORD or PDF files). Images as jpg. or gif. (up to 640 x 480 pixels) including caption. File size up to 2MB.

  • Length: Min. 3 pages, max. 10 A4 pages.

  • Attachments: Images (photos, graphics etc.) incorporated into text, if useful for illustration of content. Please send us a photo which we can use and put into the teaser for the blog post of your report.

  • Additional information: Name of author(s), name of photographer, references, if applicable, in bibliography at the end of the document; links incorporated in text or in footnotes.

  • A personal picture of your stay for our blog/teaser would be very nice to have and share.

Copyright for photos:

  • Please note, in case you want to include pictures in your report, you are responsible to clear the rights and communicate it clearly.

  • We recommend that you use only your own photos or if you are not the photographer, to name the source/photographer/rights of the picture

  • Please put all your picutres under a Creative Commons Licence CC BY-SA 4.0. Please describe that clearly with the respective Licence Code (

  • This is how a desciption of a pictures should look like: Title of Picutre or Subtext, Name of photographer, CC BY-SA 4.0,
  • Please bear in mind that people depicted in pictures need to give their consent if you intend to publish your picture, due to data privacy.

Content criteria:

  • Review of the library and information infrastructure of the country visited, name of the institution visited

    * the conference name you attended, an overview over main discussed themes or a special focus

    * an overview over the main stations of the group study trip.

  • Special features by comparison with your home country

  • Description of visited institution(s) – objectives, position and relevance within the local system

  • Current trends, projects, innovative developments

  • Brief background information if useful and necessary (e.g. with regard to visits to lesser known countries): historical information, form of government, population and educational structure, book market …

  • Personal impressions: expectations and experiences, value for your own professional activities, suggestions, conclusion

Of course, you are also free to publish later on your experiences additionally in the press or any library journal of your choice or to report on a national conference about your impressions. Please mention BI-International's financial support.