§ 1 Duties

1. BI-International promotes international dialogue and European and worldwide cooperation in the field of librarianship and information. BI-International supports cooperation and maintaining contacts, the exchange of experiences and personal encounters between librarians and information specialists at home and abroad.

2. BI-International realizes its task among other things through:

2.1 Advising and arranging contacts for foreign librarians to German institutions and for German librarians to foreign institutions,

2.2 Placement and financial support for temporary professional stays in cooperation with institutions in Germany and abroad,

2.3 Promotion of study trips on the basis of recommendations from the professional public and cultural agreements,

2.4 Development and implementation of targeted promotion programmes and measures for the professional field

2.5 Support of participation in international congresses, seminars and symposia on specialist topics,

2.6 Reporting on the funding measures of BI-International with the aim of strengthening cooperation between libraries and information science institutions.

§ 2 Organization

1. BI-International consists of representatives of the full members of BID. The representatives are appointed for three years. A representative may be reappointed once.

2. The representatives shall elect the spokesperson from among their number for a period of three years. Re-election is possible and is limited to a single re-election of the representatives of the associations. The spokesperson shall keep BID informed of the Commission’s activities on an ongoing basis.

3. The speaker invites to the meetings of BI-International at least once a year and proposes an agenda. The meetings are chaired by the speaker. Resolutions are passed by simple majority. Electronic decision-making by circulation (by letter or e-mail) is possible. Minutes are taken of each meeting and brought to the attention of the representatives in BI-International and the members of the BID.

4. The president of BID attends the meetings of BI-International and the speaker of BI-International attends the meetings of BID as a guest, if possible. Both receive the minutes of the meetings.

5. The respective association representatives contribute the proposals of the full members of the BID to the technical work of BI-International. In addition, proposals from the specialist public at home and abroad can be included in the programme work.

§ 3 Management

1. BID instructs the spokesman of BI-International to manage the current business. In cooperation with the representatives of the associations, it develops the templates for the conceptual decisions of BI-International.

2. The speaker is responsible for the budgetary handling of the projects supported by BI-International.

3. The signatures required for applications and settlements shall be provided by the persons expressly authorised by BID.

§ 4 Financing

1. All professional activities of BI-International are carried out in the form of projects. Third-party funds from the Federal Foreign Office (AA) and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM), donations or other financial resources are raised by BID to finance the projects.

2. The current administrative expenses are mainly covered by pro rata contributions of a material and immaterial nature, if necessary also by the members of BID.

3. The travel expenses of the speaker or his authorised representative for trips to BID meetings shall be borne by BID. The costs for the other members of BI-International are borne by the sending members of BID.

(Transl. from the German “Geschäftsordnung Berlin / Bremen, 10 December 2008”)