An expert of research data management travels to Georgia

In October of 2022 Yves Vincent Grossmann vistited the University Library of the Ilia State University Tbilisi in Georgia. For BII he recounts how he attended a conference, visited local libraries and exhibitions on his stay.

“One focus of this support in Georgia was the training of different groups of people at Ilia State University. This was especially true for the librarians at the university library. After arriv-ing on 17th October, the first task was to clarify which topics would be addressed and what levels of knowledge had previously been acquired. The following two days were then focused on these trainings.
This day was followed by preparation for another training session. Because on Monday 24th October, a whole session for PhD students was scheduled. This session was open to all PhD students of Ilia State University and provided a generic overview of RDM topics and rele-vance for prospective researchers.4
One of the highlights in terms of local exchange was the invitation to the National Parliamen-tary Library of Georgia. Besides a guided tour through the venerable buildings and the maga-zines, the exchange with Emzar Jgerenaia as Director of the Department of Science, Culture and Civil Education was particularly enjoyable. This was about their exciting use of Citizen Science approaches in enriching historical photographs with metadata.

The whole report is available to be read in its entirety here.

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