From Ghana to Koblenz, Frankfurt and Berlin

In 2023 Albert Kweku Bening vistited 4 german libraries and complied his trip into a very detailed report in which he focuses, among other things, on the African Studies collection at the Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Extracts from the report:
„The purpose of this trip was to gain a better understanding of library operations and services in Europe, with a particular focus on best practices in the management of academic libraries.

On arrival at the library, I was given a warm welcome by the library staff, who gave me a comprehensive tour of the facility. I was impressed by the state-of-the-art technology and innovative approaches that the library had adopted to provide the highest level of service to its patrons.
My host at the African Studies Library, Dr Anne Schumann Douosson, is a knowledgeable librarian who pleasantly surprised me with her deep knowledge of African affairs. My meeting her was like meeting a professor in the University of Ghana’s Information Studies Department. Though it was our first time meeting, it seemed as if we were well acquainted previously.
The maker space was very fascinating to me as the equipment there is used by the public, especially teenagers for free and with nice conference space for meetings too. Some of the types of equipment are 3D printers, laser cutters, cameras and sewing machines. There were also some artworks by the youth like printed T-shirts and mugs. This library is a newly constructed one compared to the rest in Stadtbibliothek Berlin-Mitte. The bicycle innovation took me much excitement knowing that patrons of the library can rent it for free and return it on the approved date.
I am already implementing several best practices I learnt during my librarian-in-residence stay at the library of WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, and I am confident that these changes will result in a better user experience for the patrons of my library. Yes, I have already talked to many colleague librarians in other institutions about my visit and the knowledge I have received from this trip. I came home with a deeper understanding of library operations and services in library services in Europe, as well as a better appreciation of German public libraries. The Ghanaian public library will benefit significantly from the knowledge and experience that I have gained on this trip, and I look forward to the positive impact that it will have on the operations of my library in Ghana.

The whole report is available to be read in its entirety here.

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